OpenEarth Blog from 06-10-2011

The EU FP7 project MICORE prepared an executive summary with the five main outcomes of the project. Among the key outcomes are:

  • the successful use of OpenEarth as a protocol for data and knowledge sharing
  • the use of the Frame of reference approach as a means to build bridges between coastal experts and end-users

The English as well as the Dutch version may be downloaded below

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
JPEG File MICORE Executive Summary Front Page... 64 kB Mark van Koningsveld 06-10-2011 22:45 Front page executive summary  
PDF File MicoreBC-Netherlands esecutive e-pr... 5.60 MB Mark van Koningsveld 06-10-2011 22:34 Nederlandse versie van executive summary
PDF File MicoreBC-English esecutive e-print.... 4.87 MB Mark van Koningsveld 06-10-2011 22:33 English version of executive summary