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OpenEarth at Github

We recently moved a few projects over to github. The main code repository of OpenEarth is still hosted at subversion.

The projects that were moved are some projects were we expect collaboration with other software developers (BMI, MMI). These tend to appreciate the benefits of faster commits, local history and the pull request workflow over the more complex model of having a local as well as a remote repository.

Some have asked us why we are not moving everything to git. We have quite some experience in teaching people for whom version management is not an everyday, but more a few times per year activity. Learning the difference between init, pull, clone, fork, update, fetch, sync is not everybody's cup of tea.

One of the nice features of porting your code to github is that it is easy to setup a doi. This is also available for datasets in OpenEarth. If you want to have code moved to the openearth github, or if you want to know something about making your data or code citeable, please consult Fedor Baart or Gerben de Boer.

This is an example of the DOI for the Model Message Interface MMI code, which is cited for the IEMSS conference: http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.9876

On Wednesday afternoon (13-17h) March 26th, an OpenEarth workshop is organised, as part of the NCK days 2014 at UNESCO-IHE. The theme of this year’s session is ‘Zandmotor’.

The monitoring data of the Zandmotor is stored at the 3TU datacentrum in a OpenEarth system (http://zandmotordata.nl).

The session will focus on the (newest) technical features of the server system and the actual data access (OPeNDAP and PostGIS/Geoserver) and vizualisation. Since the Zandmotor data is not publicly available yet, we will briefly discuss the procedure to get access to the data. We will practice with the same technology, using open data.

The session is organised by Kees den Heijer and Gerben de Boer.

  • when: Wednesday March 26th, 2014 13.00-17.00h
  • where: UNESCO-IHE, Delft
  • sign-up: please register via http://nckdays2014.eventzilla.net/
  • !!  Bring your own data and laptop !!

Friday Nov. 1st: OpenGIS Workshop

This collection of standards is treated today:

netCDF exercise for Delft software days OpenGIS workshop - 1 nov 2013

Delft Software Days 2013 - OpenGIS Workshop - netcdf

Delft Sotware Days 2013 - OpenGIS Workshop - vectors

WMS/KML exercise for Delft software days OpenGIS workshop - 1 nov 2013

Monday Nov. 4th: Open Source Pre- and Postprocessing Workshops

Please see

  • this tech-notes
  • and these webinars
    • 7. 'How to set up a Delft3D model with Delft Dashboard'
    • 8. 'Tsunami simulations using Delft Dashboard and Delft3D'
    • 15. 'Efficient pre- and post-processing in Delft3D using the OpenEarthTools'

May 30th an OpenEarth data sprintsession for Matlab, python, R is organized at request for WaLTER. We will show how to work in DatTube mode with data from the web:

  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS for relational data (ecological data and in situ physical data)
  • netCDF-CF-OPeNDAP for grid data. Deltares and NIOZ produce 200m resolution data (images below) for the (Western) Wadden Sea in the PACE project. This yields about 1TB of data, which you can only work with in web-based mode, it is too much to copy.

We start with a lunch lecture first, and then proceed with a hands-on afternoon
how to extract a relevant subset of the data deluge with Matlab, python and R scripts.

  • when: Thursday May 30th, 12:00 lunch lecture with sprint session afterwards until 16:00.
  • where: NIOZ, Texel. route: www.nioz.nl
  • Sign-up: gerben.deboer<at>deltares.nl
  • !! Bring your own laptop with your own Matlab/Python/R!!

For tutorials see PostgreSQL for relational data and netCDF-CF-OPeNDAP for grids.