OpenMI Association Technical Committee meeting no 51

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h1. E-mail from the dissimination committee (Johan/Michiel)

h4. up-to-date list of OATC members
- run that composition in a lean and mean jave run time environment

h1. Status OGC
h4. 1.4 Video on OpenDA website?

See note above ("Specification document replaced by OGC format version").
Yep, do so.

h1. Status OpenMI 2.0
h1. Status OGC

No the issue is how to specify and implement the mandatory conformance tests.
* Just state for every interface that its methods are implemented correctly?
* Just say that the component should be loaded in Pipistrelle?
After some discussion we decided that we will use the same approach as done for netcdf: assume that there is a testing tool implemented, en specify the things to be tested (see the first download on [])
See note above ("Specification document replaced by OGC format version").

Johan has asked Standa for the status on the OpenMI 2.0 implementation. Standa will forward the question to Adrian, and Adrian will answer it.
There also is a need for an overview of OpenMI 2.0 compliant components. DHI has a few, but no formal xml etc. yet. Stef will ask the OAEC to find someone to put more effort in gathering compliant components. As a first step Stef will ask the OAEC for a specific email (
There is a EU proposal (CEnTIEM ^3^) that will put more attention to OpenMI and existing component.
Jan once implemented a tool that generates 1.4. compliancy info XML after loading the component. We should try to find the source of that tool (Jesper will have a look).

h1. Next meetings