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Open Knowledge Platform Delta Technology

A wiki based platform where Deltares cooperates with businesses, universities, governments 
and other research institutes on issues related to water, subsurface and infrastructure.
More information about Deltares: www.deltares.nl

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Global flood risks mapped out
River flooding will affect more people and cause significantly more damage by 2030, as climate change and socioeconomic development accelerate, according to the first-ever public analysis of current and future river-flood risks worldwide.
Indonesia and the Netherlands launch large coastal safety initiative in Java
3 March, Jakarta - The Indonesian and Dutch government today launch a comprehensive five-year multi million public-private partnership initiative for enhancing coastal safety at the North Coast of Java.
Delta Life number 3 available
A new edition of our international magazine Delta Life is available. In this third edition the central theme is subsidence and what problems this entails. And even more importantly, the possible counter-measures.
International Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Granada
From 22-27 February, the International Aquatic Sciences Meeting will be held. During this yearly meeting, around 3000 scientists from all over the world will join in Granada to discuss the latest scientific developments about all aspects of ‘water’.
First step in adaptive delta plan for Bangladesh
Recently, the first joint workshop was organised in Dhaka, Bangladesh to identify possible measures for the Bangladesh delta plan. It resulted in a series of measures to limit flooding, improve river and coastal management, and prevent water shortages. This was the first important step in the development of an adaptive delta plan for Bangladesh that is intended to result in a sustainable, habitable and economically developed delta area between now and 2100.
Erosion pits in the Old Meuse and Dordtse Kil rivers
It is too easy to conclude that the closure of the Haringvliet inlet is the only factor explaining the erosion pits in the Old Meuse and Dordtse Kil rivers, explains Kees Sloff, a river morphologist with Deltares, at the 'Deltawater now and later' conference.
Clothing industry must use fewer harmful fibres
In itself, installing a filter in washing machines to remove microplastics from clothing is a good step. But it is not enough.
Study of new perspective on water management
Water management should focus more on how robust different areas are in terms of coping with floods and drought. A robust system means that we can deal better with extreme events. High river discharges and long periods of drought will occur more frequently as climate change continues and inflicts increasing levels of damage.
Extra filter in washing machines welcomed
‘It is a good thing that a special filter is being developed to clean up water from washing machines before it enters the drain. A filter of this kind can remove microplastics released from synthetic clothing during washing from the water before it gets to the sea.’
Design of new coastal defence system to stop erosion in Georgia
Deltares is working with the Technital & Saunders group on the design of a new coastal defence system to protect the Batumi Coast in Georgia against erosion.

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