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Barefoot Hydrologists   

 Welcome to the Barefoot Hydrologists space!
 On this page we keep you informed about the Barefoot Hydrologists project, progress made and plans for the future.

Barefoot hydrologist?

A barefoot hydrologist (BFH) is a member of a rural habitation, with no specific education in hydrology or geology, who does have sufficient knowledge to make appropriate decisions about where water provision facilities can be placed and how they can be kept clean and monitored for contaminants.

This initiative is about empowering barefoot hydrologists by offering effective training and practical tools. The product fulfils their need for sustainable management of rural water supply systems.

The pilot project "Strengthening the impact of barefoot hydrologists in rural water supply and sanitation" focuses on local groundwater management for rural water supply and sanitation in Odisha, India. The pilot project was co-funded by the government of The Netherlands and implemented by Gram Vikas (India), ICCO, TNO and Deltares.

Barefoot hydrologists!

Trained barefoot hydrologists will be able to timely signal events of pollution and as a result to keep existing well water clean.

The barefoot hydrologist will anticipate on possible new pollution or water shortage, resulting in better protection of rural water supply schemes.

Through the barefoot hydrologists, the local population will become aware of the importance of water management practices and more prudent in protecting water resources.


Hydrologen zorgen voor duurzaam gebruik van grondwater in India, in H2O December 2011 (pdf NL, 173 kB)


Barefoot Hydrologen in Odisha, India, in GeoBrief Agust 2011 (pdf NL, 520 kB)

Article about exchange meeting 2010 (pdf NL, 2 Mb)

Full report on exchange meeting April 2010 (pdf EN, 22Mb) SAFEGUARDING FUTURE RURAL DRINKING WATER SUPPLY IN ODISHA

Project sheet (pdf, EN)

Sustainable use of groundwater in Odisha (jpg, NL)

India: bare essentials of groundwater management (pdf, EN)

Definitely not a bottomless pit (pdf, NL)

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