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Building with Nature Guideline
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Muddy solutions


Fine sediment plays a role in natural systems since it is involved in the morphological change as well as the creation of abiotic conditions, e.g. by affecting the bed composition and water quality. The smart management of fine sediments can provide added value for a BwN design if the relevant natural processes are taken into account.


Sometimes fine sediment deposits are a welcome or even essential part of an ecosystem, for example on tidal flats and for salt marsh development. The deposition of fine sediments can create suitable conditions for certain species and may hence augment the biodiversity. In other cases, fine sediment deposits are unwelcome, for example on tourist beaches, or in harbours and access channels.



Smart handling of fine sediments
Smart handling of fine sediments

Understanding the physical behaviour of fine

sediments and how this insight can be used for

sustainable project development.




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