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Building with Nature Guideline
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Ports and cities 


Ports and delta cities are of high importance for society. By 2030, 80% of the global population will be living in delta cities and coastal areas. Furthermore, (sea)ports play an exceptional role in global trade and transport and are an important economic activity in both coastal areas and the surrounding hinterland.


With the high importance for society, there is an increasing necessity for ports and delta cities to be resilient to issues such as climate change. However, over the past centuries, delta cities have become more urbanised and more heavily populated. Due to the enormous expansion of cities and ports, valuable natural assets such as the ability of a system to adapt have disappeared.


By looking for the symbiosis between the forces of nature, the multifunctionality and the use of the water-rich locality, Building with Nature is able to create opportunities which can make life, work and leisure in urbanized delta cities and ports pleasant and healthy, now and in the future.


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