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Stakeholder analysis

Type: Framework

Project Phase: all

Purpose: Identification, assessment and management of stakeholders

Requirements: Negotiation skills beneficial

Relevant Software: none


Stakeholder management is an important discipline to both increase the quality of projects and win support from others. It helps ensure that projects are implemented and successful, where others fail and are discarded. It is of particular interest to professionals that have limited experience in how to involve stakeholders in project development and implementation. Experienced professionals tend to use similar frameworks on a subconscious level when managing projects. Being more explicit and structured in stakeholder analysis facilitates communication within project teams.

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How to Use

No special skills are required, but note that stakeholder management is primarily a social skill. Previous experience in, for example, negotiations can be beneficial. The tool is especially helpful for managers and teams dealing with projects with BwN-perspectives. The tool can be used in the setting of a regular project meeting. Clearly, good social skills are essential to an effective and constructive interaction with stakeholders.

  1. Phase plan process
  2. Stakeholder identification
  3. Stakeholder assessment
  4. Prioritise and manage the stakeholders
  5. Position to BwN
  6. Advice and recommendations

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Practical Applications

  1. Strategic Management of Stakeholders
  2. The Traffic Light Approach

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