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Visualisation of open-source data (OpenEarth-Viewer)

Type: Web Application

Project Phase: Planning and Design

Purpose: Visualising data via GoogleEarth desktop application or Web interface

Requirements: Google Chrome / Firefox / Explorer

Relevant Software: Mapbox / Google Earth


OpenEarth data and models can be visualised on GoogleEarth desktop interface, or a web application currently (2018) in construction. The set-up is such that data and models from different projects and cases can be viewed at the same time, which enables the user to see the interaction between different datasets and model results. Within Building with Nature (BwN), this application has been used in the past to gain an easily accessible overview of the information that is generated in the program. However, the setup can also be used for data management in other projects.

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How to Use

GoogleEarth based visualisation can be accessed with GoogleEarth desktop application installed in your machine. From there, .kml files in the kml server can be accessed or new .kml files can be generated with the help of OpenEarthTools. A web viewer for the visualisation of Rijkswaterstaat BnO-kust data and a web-viewer for Sand Motor data are currently under development.

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