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BwN keywords explanation

To categorize the found references on Building with Nature aspects, a number of keywords are listed. These keywords are divided in aspects of BwN projects and aspects that might be interpreted as BwN, but are (solely) not considered BwN. 
Evident in this case is that the extra factor in BwN projects is the environmental aspect as that indicates the difference between traditional and Eco-dynamic design.

Some factors are in itself not considered BwN, however, they might be part of a BwN approach. An example is 'beneficial use of dredged materials', which is not BwN in itself. However, when the dredged materials are used in a way that additional environmental values are created, it does fit under the concept of BwN.
For keywords such as 'impact mitigation', 'nature restoration' and 'environmental compensation' counts that these aspects will only bring a project to an environmental neutral situation, but do not add extra environmental value as aimed for in 'Building with Nature'-projects.

BwN keywords
  • Integral approach on PPP aspects (People, Planet, Profit)
  • Valuation of nature/ ecosystem
  • Sustainable development
  • Governance of EDD
  • Building by nature
  • Building of nature
  • Additional environmental values
  • BwN paradigm shift
  • Adaptive project management
No BwN
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Traditional design (vs Ecodynamic design)
  • Impact mitigation
  • CDF (confined disposal facility)
  • (Beneficial) Use of dredged material
  • Safe storage of dredged material
  • Working around environmental values
  • Nature restoration
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental compensation

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