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Collection of lessons learned

The BwN Knowledge Base contains tools and lessons learned that the BwN Designer can use in his efforts. As each Building with Nature solution is custom designed for the system it is in, the Knowledge Base is not a cook book with recipes that guarantee success if followed to the letter. Rather the Knowledge Base is a platform where professionals working on Building with Nature share their experiences.

Currently the BwN Knowledge Base contains:

Where appropriate the reader is referred to useful examples or practical tools.

BwN Building Blocks

This section contains Building Blocks, grouped in Design Themes, originating from the BwN projects. These Building Blocks can serve as examples and inspiration for future projects.

Each Building Block should provide some rough design estimates that can serve as guidance for area selection and design. Based on costs of previous projects, a rough estimation of the costs can also be derived. They should be supplemented with references to relevant project cases and tools.

BwN Toolbox

Tools within Building with Nature are methods, concepts or strategies that can be used in the different phases and steps of a BwN project. These tools assist in applying Building with Nature Design in a project in a practical way. In this guideline we focus on tools that have an added value for BwN Design. Some of these are (further) developed within the program, others have proven their use in the cases.

Pilots and Cases

This section contains pilots and example case descriptions of a number of projects that contain Building with Nature aspects and is intended to serve as inspiration for designers.

BwN Knowledge

Within the knowledge sub section these pages are available

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