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Governance for acceptance


Building with Nature designs need to be accepted by society if they are to become a reality. A BwN developer focuses on opportunities and win-win solutions and thus at scoping beyond limited problem perceptions and sector interests. This requires integrating alternatives across scales and sectors and time horizons, which raises complexity. This section provides an overview of BwN experiences and lessons learned for several governance aspects of BwN-projects and guidance on a number of key governance issues in such projects.

Although other aspects may be distinguished, the ones described here are those addressed in the Building with Nature innovation program. Feasibility of BwN depends on:

Where appropriate the reader is referred to useful examples or practical tools.


'The job to be done' to increase the feasibility of BwN is about:

  • How to map and influence arenas, actors, agendas and decision making in society?
  • How to advocate and influence scoping and decision making towards BwN?

A tool related to the first aspect is included in EDD - Building with Nature Toolbox

Regulatory context

'The job to be done' concerning laws, rules and regulations is about:

  • How to map and monitor the legal salience of BwN?
  • How to handle (perceptions of) regulations strategically, so as to seize regulatory opportunities and cope with regulatory obstacles?

Knowledge context

'The job to be done' concerning 'what one needs to know' is about:

  • What are enabling and constraining knowledge factors for realizing an BwN design?
  • How to identify, present and handle uncertainties with regard to knowledge?

A tool related to this second aspect 'Visualizing and managing uncertainty' is provided.

Realization framework

'The job to be done' on 'how to get it organised' is about:

  • How to build organisational and contractual arrangements in order to enable the realization of BwN within project constraints?

Related to this aspect a building block 'Innovative Contracting for BwN' is included.

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