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In the context of Natura 2000 implementation in the Netherlands, BwN design principles can increase the chances of project approval in case of appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court. BwN-developers should consider the following steps:

Lesson 1: Start by adapting the BwN-design to the Natura 2000 conservation objectives of the area.

Lesson 2: Demonstrate that the proposed BwN-design contributes to the achievement of the conservation objectives, or even beyond.

Lesson 3: Work on excluding any significant negative effect on the conservation objectives and provide scientific argumentation for this in the pre-assessment report.

Lesson 4: If abovementioned steps can be completed successfully, no appropriate assessment is necessary, even if the project implies some loss of Natura 2000 area, because it leads to an overall gain of nature.

Lesson 5: If possible, consider splitting the projects in stages (so called administrative de-coupling), but remain aware of possible cumulative effects.

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