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The planning system

The planning system is worth to look at. Plans can have immediate consequences for decision-making. However they can also be just indicative.
The presence and revision of plans can be prescribed by laws, they can also be produced as part of informal regulations. In many countries there is a multi-scale physical planning system active. Often a local physical plan proclaims which user functions are to be expected where and thus stating which activities cannot be permitted. There are also indicative plans which frame future decisions however in those cases substantial discretionary space remains.

Including BwN principles in the plan system and specific policy plans offer good conditions to enhance the feasability of BwN options, also the support for BwN might increase if BwN is acknowledged in plans. It enables referring to the BwN principles at an eraly stage of (re-)development. Subsequent this increases consciousness of regulatory barriers for BwN. If implementation of politically supported ambitions is frustrated, this might initiate change in regulatory settings. So advocating BwN principles and alternatives in planning and plans might offer the ultimate pro-active strategy to advocate BwN.

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