Delft Dashboard is a standalone Matlab-based graphical user interface (i.e. GUI) which supports modellers in setting up new and existing models. Delft Dashboard employs a large number of coupled toolboxes for fast and easy model input generation. For any location in the world a model can now be set up in a matter of minutes, an operation which used to take weeks of work until a short time ago!

The Delft Dashboard interface includes all the options related to hydrodynamics, waves, morphodynamics and water quality that are also available in the Delft3D modelling suite. Yet, the range of application reaches beyond a standard Delft3D model set up, as the interface also offers toolboxes for e.g. advanced tidal analysis, wind speed simulations, pressure drop estimations for tropical cyclones and tsunami generation/propagation analysis.

So far the coupling with Delft3D FLOW, WAVE and XBeach is fully implemented. A coupling with Delft3D-FM is under development. Under Help and support, you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as well as links to draft versions of the user manual and the Delft Dashboard webinar.

Please refer to our publication on Delft Dashboard in the Journal of Hydroinformatics.



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