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Creating a FEWS application directory

A FEWS application is made in a sub-directory with the name of the FEWS application. We will start the example by creating the sub-directory 'NewFEWS' in the main FEWS application directory, you can use the Windows Explorer to do so.

The main FEWS application directory must contain the 'bin' and 'jre' directories; these are the FEWS binaries and the Java Runtime directories. Add a new directory named 'NewFEWS' in the main FEWS directory.

This application directory must now be filled with all required sub-directories and configuration files used by a basic FEWS application. Copy the sub-directories of an existing application directory to the newly created 'NewFEWS' sub-directory. The minimum FEWS structure must look like this:

  • "\ColdStates" empty
  • "\Config" FEWS configuration files
  • "\Help" FEWS Help file
  • "\Icons" FEWS icons
  • "\localDataStore" contains the FEWS database and cache files, empty at start
  • "\Map" contains the map properties file '' and shape files
    FEWS executable
    Besides a FEWS application sub-directory every FEWS has its own application executable, this is a small executable telling the main FEWS programs where the application directory is located and which programs should be used. Associated to each executable is an ini file (before 2014.02 jpif) which contains information on how to start the Java Virtual machine.

e.g Files required in the \bin directory for our new FEWS application

It is possible to run multiple FEWS applications with one set of FEWS program files (binaries), to make a distinction between the FEWS applications each FEWS should have an ID ('NewFEWS'). The FEWS ID is specified in the last row in associated ini (or before 2014.02 jpif) file.

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