Delft-FEWS supports several plug-in displays that can optionally be included in the configuration for a particular forecasting system. These displays implement the Delft-FEWS display plug-in interface, and while the list included here is a standard feature of Delft-FEWS, specific plug-in displays may be included as well. Multiple instances of each plug-in display can be applied, each with a unique name as registered in the DisplayInstanceDescriptors (see System configuration). Each plug-in display used must of a supported type as registered in the DisplayDescriptors (see System configuration). The display may be initiated from the fewsExplorer by defining a call to the display in toolbar or in the tools menu (see configuration of the FEWS Explorer).

Plug-in displays distributed as a standard feature of Delft-FEWS are:

  • Grid display
  • Longitudinal Display
  • What-If scenario display
  • Lookup Table display
  • Correlation display

The main map display and the time series display are not considered optional and therefore form a part of the System configuration

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