The modifierDisplay.xml is used to configure the modifier display. The modifier display is used in an IFD-environment to
manage modifiers.



Below the schema of the modifiers-display is shown.

Create modifier buttons

In the modifiers panel modifiers can be created by pressing the create modifier button and select a modifier type. A shortcut in creating
modifiers is using shortcut-buttons. The display below shows an example.

Besides the create modifier button two buttons are shown. A button with the text "wechng" and one with the text "aeschng". Both modifiers
can be used to create a modifier directly. For example after pressing the wechng-button a temporary wechng-modifier will be created.
Pressing this button will be the same as pressing the create-mod button and selecting "wechng".

To define for which modifier types a shortcut-button should be created a list of modifier-ids should be listed in the modifierDisplay.xml.

A configuration example is given below.



This option can be used to adjust the gui of the TimeSeriesModifiers.


A timeseriesmodifier can be shifted in time by using arrow-buttons. By default these buttons are not visible because the default value of this option is false.

However when this option is enabled, green arrow buttons appear next to the table- and graph-button.


When the display to create timeseriesmodifiers is started by default a table and graph is shown. This can be adjusted with this
option. When this option is set to false then the display will by default with only the graph shown.


The option defaultOperationType can be used to define which operation type (add,substract etc) will be selected after startup of the display.
When no option is defined the operationType timeseries will be selected.

The option incrementOperationTypeAdd will be used to define the increment for operation types add and substract when using the spinner-button to increase or lower the value.

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