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Trends Display

The Trends display is an interactive display that determines the difference between the last observation and a value some time ago, determined by the catchment response time. After that the average rate of change between these points is determined and extrapolated into the future. The display then indicates the remaining hours before the so-called "Property threshold" will be crossed (up to a maximum of 99 hours), as illustrated in the figure below.

Note that when no data is available for the last hour up to the current system time, for that location the trend will not be determined.

The display shows the results for selectable groups of locations and may be printed to the default windows printer.

For each location in the display the following information is shown:

  • Location ID and Name
  • Parameter
  • Latest Value / Time: the date and time of the latest value
  • Value XX hours ago: where XX identifies the selected catchment response time
  • Diff: the difference between the two values
  • Rate of change: the difference per hour. This is the slope of the trend line.
  • Hours to Prop: the amount of time from "Now" to the trend line crossing with the property threshold

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