The Tabular Config Files Display (available since 2015.01 build 57350) can show a list of configuration files (csv and dbf) that are used to configure the selected locations, parameters and qualifiers.The configuration files can be displayed using a table viewer with sorting, filtering and column hiding functionality. This display is also accessible using the F12 debug menu. Since 2019.02 the display is also connected to the forecast tree.

Since 2020.02 the Tabular Config Files Display is connected to shapefiles that are displayed in the Map display or the Grid Display.


To use the  TabularConfigFilesDisplay  viewer, configure it as <explorerTask> in Explorer.xml. For example:

		<explorerTask name="Tabular ConfigFiles Display">
			<predefinedDisplay>tabular config files display</predefinedDisplay>	
			<accelerator>ctrl L</accelerator>

Displaying Content

To display the data a location has to be selected in the Data Viewer. After selecting a location a list of configuration files will be displayed. The content of the first configuration file will be shown by default. Selecting another file will display its content.

Only configuration files in .csv or .dbf format can be displayed. If the locations are configured in .xml, the file will not be shown in the display.


The table can be sorted by clicking on a column header. Clicking one extra time on the same column header toggles the direction or deselects the sort column header. When multiple column headers have been sorted on, tiny indices indicate which is the order in which the columns are sorted. In the popup menu the Undo sort option quickly deselects all selected sort columns.


Tables can be filtered by double clicking on a cell entry. Only records with exactly the same entry for the selected column will be displayed. The selected entry will be highlighted (blue). Double clicking another entry will expand the filter. To undo the filtering the highlighted column has to be double clicked again.

Column hiding

In case not all columns should be visible, right clicking on a value will show the "Set column visibility" menu. This allows a user to select or deselect columns that should be visible (at least one column has to remain visible). These settings will be stored in the user settings and will remain available after FEWS was restarted.

Show modified values

Since 2017.02 it's possible to show modfied files in tabular config files that have been applied by modifiers. By checking the "Show changed values" checkbox all values that have been changed by modifiers will get a blue background color. A tooltip will display the unmodified value. The modified values can be exported to CSV using the export button.


Since 2019.02 it is possible to lock the tabular config file display. When locked, selecting another node, won't change the display.


Forecast Tree

Since 2019.02 the Tabular Config File Display is also connected to the forecast tree. If locations are configured in the Topology.xml configuration, the related tabular config files for those locations will be displayed. The first location will be selected in the table.

Since 2021.02 the locations are linked using the tabularLocationId element.

Topology.xml with tabularLocationId
<nodes id="NodesWithLocations" name="Nodes with Location Ids">
	<node id="NodeWithLocationId" name="Node with location">

Prior versions use the locationId element.

<nodes id="NodesWithLocations" name="Nodes with Location Ids">
	<node id="NodeWithLocationId" name="Node with location">

Shape Files

Since 2020.02 the attributes from the  shape files that have been configured in the Map or Grid Display, can be viewed with the Tabular Config Files display. No configuration is required.

Layer Attribute Selection

In the layer panel of the Map Display or Grid Display a layer attribute can be selected. The Tabular Config Files Display will show the associated Shape Layer DBF file and its entries. The selected layer attribute will highlight the corresponding row in the table. When selecting a row in the table, the corresponding layer attribute will be highlighted on the Map or Grid Display.

Shape selection from Map or Grid Display

It is also possible to select a layer attribute on the Map display. This requires the tooltip icon  to be enabled. When hovering over the layers on the map or Grid, the layer attributes will be highlighted. When they are highlighted, using a left mouse click will show the corresponding entry in the Tabular Config Files Display.

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