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Why to Use?

The FlagSourceColumns.xml is necessary to be able to use validation status related functionality, as described in 26. Validation Status


The FlagSourceColumns file is used to define flagSourceColumns (i.e. validation steps) which can be defined to store flagSources of individual validation steps and which can be stored in the datastore and visualized in the time series dialog

Available since:

DelftFEWS 2015.02



Since version 2015.02 FEWS makes it possible to configure so-called 'flagSource columns' for each individual validation step, in which the flagSource of the specific validation step will be recorded. From these flagSource columns the user can deduct which individual validation steps have been performed and to what result. Even when a defined validation step has been executed successfully and no quality flag has been changed, a default flagSource "OK" will be set for the respective flagSource column. The flagSource columns therefor provide details on all the validation steps. Since 2016.01 it is possible to open up 'Time of Validity' related functionality in the timeSeries display, by configuring a timeOfValidity element. The functionality of Time of Validity is more exhaustively described in the Validation Status page.


FlagSource columns can be defined in FlagSourceColumns.xml regional configuration file. These flagSource Columns are stored for each timestep for all timeseries that have been validated in the FEWS database. Various configuration options allow the user to harness the Validation Status in the operational process, either by visualisation, export, conditional filtering in transformations, etc. 

Within the flagSourceColumns configuration file, several columns can be defined.


column id

Id of the column. This id is only used to reference this column from the rest of the configuration. This id is not stored in the database. This id can be changed at any time without the requirement of deleting the datastore

column name

optional element with name of the column. When not specified the id is used as the name


An integer between 0 to 127 that is used in the datastore to reference this column. After changing this key you have to delete the local datastore and MC database


optional element; Long (descriptive) name of location (tool tip) or description


Short name used in the header of in the time series dialog. When not specified the name is used


Tooltip to be displayed in the time series dialog when hovering the column header


The column is not editable in the time series dialog by default. Editable columns are also visible when empty and in edit-mode


Makes this column also visible when this column is empty and you are not in edit mode


Background color of this column in the the time series dialog

timeOfValidity (since version 2016.01)

Optional element. When configured, this element opens up functionality in the time series display related to Time of Validity. When this element is configured, one needs to also define the timeOfValiditySearchPeriod in the TimeSeriesDisplayConfig configuration file. The functionality of Time of Validity is more exhaustively described on the Validation Status page.


Flag source column used as base for the time of validity.


Flag source used to fill this column. Flag source should be a predefined flag source or flag source defined in the customFlagSources.xml

Example configuration

The example configuration below defines 5 validation steps. It also has the timeOfValidity element defined.

<flagSourceColumns xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
	<column id="V1" name="First validation step">
		<description>Validationstep A is the first validationstep</description>
		<toolTip>A Tooltip</toolTip>
		<backgroundColor>lawn green</backgroundColor>
	<column id="V2">
		<description>Second validation step</description>
		<toolTip>B Tooltip</toolTip>
		<backgroundColor>alice blue</backgroundColor>
	<column id="V3">
		<description>Validation step C</description>
		<toolTip>C Tooltip</toolTip>
	<column id="V4">
		<description>Validation step D</description>
		<toolTip>D Tooltip</toolTip>
	<column id="V5" name="F5">
		<description>My E</description>
		<toolTip>E Tooltip</toolTip>
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