Since 2023.02 a new predefined module that reapplies primary validation has been added.

It reads all time series, undo's primary validation and rewrites the time series to the database. Only when any changes in primary validation have been detected the data will actually be overwritten in the database. When this module is run from the SA or OC the checkbox Run for selected locations can be selected, then only the time series which location is part of the selection will be revalidated.

This module is useful to run when validation rules have changed or values in the past have changed.

It is a predefined module, that means it does not need a module configuration file. It can be configured in a workflow as follows:

Predefined revalidation module activity
<workflow xmlns= xmlns:xsi= xsi:schemaLocation= version="1.1">
                        <predefinedActivity>revalidation module</predefinedActivity>
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