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Since Delft-FEWS 2018.02 users of the admin interface have to be assigned a role. These roles apply to both the Admin Interface GUI and REST API. The available roles are:

  • AI_VIEWER: read permissions on the Admin Interface functionality
  • AI_ADMIN: create, read, update and delete permissions on the Admin Interface functionality. All functionality in the admin interface is available.

In the Authorization Matrix the following columns are available:

  • Main Menu: The name of the main menu in the Admin Interface where the functionality is available
  • Page: The specific page of the Admin Interface where the authorization applies.
  • Functonality: A description of the functionality that required authorization.
  • Operation: The kind of operation the authorization applies to. Can by create, read, update or delete.
  • Groups: The available groups and an indication if the specified functionality is allowed by members of that group.

1) Operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete permissions 

Main MenuPageFunctionalityOperations 1AI_VIEWERAI_ADMIN
System Status

DashboardShow MC status, MC Component status, FSS statusreadYESYES

Master controllers (new in 2018.02). Detail information about all master controllersreadYESYES

Forecasting Shell Servers (new in 2018.02)Detail information about all forecasting shellsreadYESYES

View LogsDisplay and download logfilesreadYESYES

Log ManagerDelete old log files by level or datedeleteNOYES

Collect System LogsCollect logfiles from system componentsreadNOYES

Forecast Tasks

Scheduled TasksShow scheduled tasksreadYESYES

View a taskreadYESYES

Schedule a new taskcreateNOYES

Edit an existing taskupdateNOYES

Suspend one or more tasksupdateNOYES

Resume one or more tasksupdateNOYES

Cancel one or more tasksupdateNOYES

Download all scheduled tasksreadYESYES

Upload scheduled taskscreateNOYES

Download tasks propertiesreadYESYES

Refresh and Hide One-off tasksreadYESYES

Running TasksShow running tasksreadYESYES

Kill running taskdeleteNOYES

Task RunsShow task runs of scheduled taskreadYESYES

Workflows and FSSs

WorkflowsShow workflowsreadYESYES

Download workflow filereadYESYES

Show workflow versionsreadYESYES

Workflow FSS Group MappingsShow mappingsreadYESYES

Add a mappingcreateNOYES

Delete a mappingdeleteNOYES

Download all mappingsreadYESYES

Upload mappingsupdateNOYES

Download mappings matrixreadYESYES

FSS GroupsShow FSS GroupsreadYESYES

Download FSS GroupsreadYESYES

Register new FSS GroupcreateNOYES

Edit FSS GroupupdateNOYES

Upload FSS GroupscreateNOYES

Delete FSS groupsdeleteNOYES

Prioritize FSS GroupsupdateNOYES

Event and Action MappingsShow Event ActionsreadYESYES

Show Action Configuration VersionsreadYESYES

Set Action Configuration Version ActiveupdateNOYES

Delete Action Configuration VersiondeleteNOYES

Upload Action ConfigurationscreateNOYES

Upload Action MappingscreateNOYES

Download Action MappingsreadYESYES

Add Action MappingcreateNOYES

Delete Action MappingdeleteNOYES

Test Action MappingupdateNOYES


Import StatusShow import status of datareadYESYES

Delete import status data feed (since 2019.01)deleteNOYES

Failed ImportsShow failed importsreadYESYES

Successful ImportsShow successful importsreadYESYES

Dump filesShow dump filesreadYESYES

Archive Files for ImportShow archive filesreadYESYES

Link to FTP siteShow ftp sitereadYESYES

User Administration

UsersShow usersreadNOYES

Add usercreateNOYES

Edit userupdateNOYES

Delete userdeleteNOYES

Regenerate access key (new in 201802)updateNOYES

GroupsShow groupsreadYESYES

Add user to groupcreateNOYES

Delete user from groupdeleteNOYES

Active UsersShow active usersreadYESYES

Active ServicesShow active servicesreadYESYES

System Control

System ControlReindex filesupdateNOYES

Set to failover statusupdateNOYES

Set to duty (operational) statusupdateNOYES

Failover prioritiesShow prioritesreadNOYES

Add prioritycreateNOYES

Edit priorityupdateNOYES

Delete prioritydeleteNOYES

SynchronizationEnable synchronizationupdateNOYES

Disable synchronizationupdateNOYES

Database Analysis

Database TrendsShow database trendsreadYESYES

Time SeriesShow time series statisticsreadYESYES

Time Series with Multiple SynchLevelsShow time series with multiple synch levels statisticsreadYESYES

Warm StatesShow warm states statisticsreadYESYES

Cold StatesShow cold states statisticsreadYESYES

Map LayersShow map layer statisticsreadYESYES

Module Instance Data SetsShow module instance data sets statisticsreadYESYES

Module Instance ConfigurationsShow module instance configurations statisticsreadYESYES

Software and Configuration Management (new in 2018.02)

PatchShow Date of last uploaded Config Manager patchreadNOYES

Upload a patch filecreateNOYES

BasebuildsShow uploaded basebuildsreadNOYES

Upload a new basebuildcreateNOYES

Config Zip (2020.02)Upload a Delft-FEWS configuration zip filecreateNOYES

Master Controller Config XML (2020.02)Upload a MC Configuration XMLcreateNOYES

Downlaod a MC Configuration XMLreaqNOYES
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