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Look and Feel

Menu navigation

The (new) look & feel of the Delft-FEWS Admin Interface contains a few features.

Menu navigation on the left hand side has 2 different ways of responding to clicks:

  1. Clicking on the menu item (icon or keyword): decollapses the selected menu item, collapses others and shows the default page of that menu.
  2. Clicking on the arrow: decollapses the selected menu item only, page does not change.


Timezone of the displayed times in the Admin Interface is GMT. This is now indicated on the left hand side. All displayed times in the admin interface are in GMT. The local time can be displayed by hovering over the GTM time which will display the local time in a tooltip.

Version indication

The version of the Admin Interface can be verified by looking at the bottom of the menu. Both the build version and the build date are available there.

Top bar: refresh options/hide menu

In the top bar of the System Status - Dashboard page, a page refresh can be triggered. The last refresh time is indicated and you can (un)hide the left hand side navigation menu to maximise the screen for administrator information.

Button focus

Most buttons in the admin interface can be selected and will keep focus. When a button has focus, the button can be activated again using the enter key.

Auto log off

As long as the admin interface is open in the browser the user is kept logged in.After 30 minutes of inactiveness the user will be automatically logged out. Inactive means the admin interface is not open in any of the browser tabs.

Introduction - Logon screen

After first access of of a new FEWS installation, there are no users available in the database yet. The admin interface will create a user with Administrator privileges displays a access key to login as administrator once. As user name the mcid will be used. In case of a multi MC system, for each MC a user with Administrator privileges will be created. The user name is case insensitive. 

Since 2020.02 a so called Cross Site Forgery Request (CSFR) token is used as increased security measurement. This can become evident if the login page is left open for too long. If that is the case, the following error will be displayed after logging in. This is by design.

Logout admin

Use the Logout admin menu option to properly log off from the Delft-FEWS admin Interface.

Version Check

Since 2021.01 the Admin Interface will check if the version of the MC database matches the version of the Admin Interface. For example in the following example the database was upgraded to v2020.02 but the Admin Interface is still running a 2019.02 version. The warning will remain on top of the screen until the versions match.


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