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Software and Configuration Management

The Software and Configuration Management menu contains the following options, see image below.

Upload Base build

Base builds only need to be uploaded for new Major releases of FEWS or in case changes can not be fixed with a regular patch.jar. The upload base build page allows uploading the base build and shows a list with all uploaded builds. A OC/CM/FSS will always start up with the boot build (installed build at the host) and then will restart with a base build that is compatible with the active patch. It is NOT POSSIBLE to fix issues that occur before the restart of the OC/CM/FSS by uploading a new base build. In this case the base build should be INSTALLED as boot build at the OC/CM/FSS host machine. An OC/CM restarts immediately with the active patch and boot build. A FSS will restart with the active patch and base build when it is woken up. This means that also all the issues while sleeping can not be fixed by uploading a new base build.

Delete Base builds (since 2021.01)

It is possible to delete a Base Build when it is no longer used by a patch.jar in the Delft-FEWS configuration or by the uploaded config management patch. In the action column it is possible to delete a base build. In the following example the stable 2020.02 (100693) base build is no longer used and can be deleted.

Upload Master Controller and Config Management Patch

The Master Controller and Config Management patches are used by the Master Controller and Config Manager to fix any problems in these components. Both the Master Controller and the config manager require a patch file to be available before they can be used.

N.B. The Master Controller and Config Management patch.jar file is the same as the patch file that is being distributed by the config manager.

On the Upload Master Controller and Configuration Management Patch page a new patch can be uploaded and the date of the last upload can be inspected. The type, version and build number can be inspected as well.

Master Controller Configuration (since 2020.02)

Since 2020.02 the master controller configuration is now managed in the database and no longer on the file system (formally known as the file). See also: This configuration file is used to configure the master controller and Admin Interface settings and can be uploaded and downloaded. When migrating from before 2020.02 the old file can be uploaded as well. This will automatically migrate the config file to the new XML format.

Delft-FEWS Configuration (since 2020.02)

Since 2020.02 the Delft-FEWS configuration that is usually managed with the Config Manager, can now also be uploaded with the admin interface as a zip file.

Within the zip a directory called "config" should be present. It will replace the whole config revision without extra GUI steps in between. It will check whether the file is a zip and whether it contains at least some System, Root and Region config files.

Should not be used while Configuration Manager is open, this will cause conflicts.

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