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Export data (timeseries) from Delft-Fews to EA XML Format

schema location

Entry in ModuleDescriptors

<moduleDescriptor id="ExportRun">
<description>Export module to export EATimeseriesDataExchangeFormat compliant files</description>

EA Export Module Configuration

File exported are written to the path specified. The file name of files to be exported. The filename is constructed as a time string (in milliseconds). An optional prefix can be applied to the time stamp string.

When available as configuration on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring an instance of the import module called for example ExportForecast may be:

ExportForecast 1.00 default.xml


File name for the ExportForecast configuration.


Version number


Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 64 Elements of the exportRun configuration.


Folder to export data to. This may be a UNC path (ie located on the network).


ID of the IdMap used to convert internal parameterId's and locationId's to external parameter and location Id's. See section on configuration for Mapping Id's units and flags.


ID of the UnitConversions used to convert internal units to external units. See section on configuration for Mapping Id's units and flags.


ID of the FlagConversions used to convert internal data quality flags to external data quality flags. See section on configuration for Mapping Id's units and flags.


Optional string to use as prefix in the export file name.


Optional specification of missing value identifier in external data format.


Optional prefix to the file name when writing the file. This can be used by systems reading the file to identify if the file is being written, thus avoiding concurrent reading/writing of a file. If not defined the prefix "tmp" is used. On completion of the file, an atomic replace of the filename is done.


Time zone the external data is exported to. This may be specified as a timeZoneOffset, or as a specific timeZoneName.


The offset of the time zone with reference to UTC (equivalent to GMT). Entries should define the number of hours (or fraction of hours) offset. (e.g. +01:00)


Enumeration of supported time zones. See appendix B for list of supported time zones.


TimeSeriesSets defining the data to be exported. Multiple time series sets may be defined, and each may include either a (list of) locationId's ar a locationSetId.

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