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Event Action Configurations and Event Action Mappings

On the main page of the Event and Actions page the currently available action configurations and the action mappings are listed. Action configurations determine the action that will be performed when triggered by an action mapping.

Event Action Configurations

For documentation about the event action configurations, please see:

Action Configurations can be uploaded using the Upload button. It is required to enter an action configuration id and select a XML file with the event action configuration. All tags that are configured in the action configurations, will be available in a selection list in the tag field on the schedule a new taks page: Scheduled Tasks - New Task.

Since 2019.02 it is also possible to upload multiple configurations in one go using the Upload Multiple button: 

Since 2019.02 all action configurations can be downloaded as well with the download button: 

All uploaded files will be displayed in the action configurations list. 

Using the Versions button all versions of the action configuration are displayed. Versions can be deleted or the default can be changed using the "Delete" and "Set Default" buttons.

Event Action Mappings

In the ActionMappings part of the page event code to action id mappings can be created. This can be done manually or by uploading an existing mapping file.

Using the  button, a event code and a action configuration can be selected. When the event code is logged in FEWS, the associated action configuration will be executed. You can only map to existing action configuration by selecting them from a dropdown list. 

In the Action Mappings table a list of event code to action id mappings is displayed.

The event codes used in these examples are non existing event codes. For valid event codes, please see: Admin Interface - System Status - Event Codes

From this list existing mappings can be deleted. For testing purposes it is also possible to generate a log event with the event code. This should trigger the configured action event mapping.

To download existing mappings, the  can be used. This will result in a xml file similar to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<eventActionMappings xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="eventactionmappings.xsd">
    <eventActionMapping actionId="action_configuration_action_scheduled_repeat_interval" eventCode="ENHANCE.EVENT"></eventActionMapping>
    <eventActionMapping actionId="action_configuration_action_scheduled_resume" eventCode="RESUME.EVENT"></eventActionMapping>
    <eventActionMapping actionId="action_configuration_action_scheduled_suspend" eventCode="SUSPEND.EVENT"></eventActionMapping>

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