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This page is the repository for third party manual adapters and should be read in conjunction with 05 General Adapter Module and Quick-start Guide for Adding an External Module in FEWS.

There is a separate overview of Delft-FEWS Model adapters by Deltares as well as a full Overview of all models linked to Delft-Fews

More information on how to create or use a model adapter can be found on 15 Connect external modules with a model adapter


Please be aware that this page is not available to external users due to copyright issues.

eWater Source adapter (by FlowMatters)

  File Modified
PDF File M11 Adapter Manual v2.pdf 12-10-2007 by Alex Minett
Microsoft Word 97 Document EA FFS ISIS Adapter Design.doc 22-02-2008 by janse_a
PDF File FEWS-URBS Adapter.pdf 03-04-2008 by janse_a
PDF File PDM Adaptor Configuration.pdf 10-04-2008 by Alex Minett


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