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Upload Tasks

This screen allows the scheduling of a set of new tasks, defined in an XML-file which must be uploaded through this interface.

After selecting a file containing the set of task definitions in the file selection dialogue that is opened when pressing the "Browse..." button, press "Upload" to upload the file. The file should conform to the taskList.xsd schema. An XML file in this format can be obtained from Download All Scheduled Tasks, or from Download Task from the Task Details Screen.

Uploading tasks will only add tasks, not replace them. Uploading lists of tasks multiple times will bring duplicate tasks into the system. Please check the "replace current tasks" checkbox to mark all current scheduled tasks as finished if you want to replace all tasks.

Upload Multiple tasks or One task (since 2021.02)

 Since 2021.02 there are 2 options to upload tasks. Upload multiple tasks or Upload one task. This can be chosen from the scheduled tasks page.

Upload Multiple Tasks

Same as the prevous "Upload Tasks" functionality. A tasks.xml file is expected.

Upload One Task

A tasks.xml file is expected with exactly one task definition. If a scheduled task was found for the same workflow id, the existing task will be marked as finished and the uploaded task will be added as a new task. If no matching workflow id is found, the uploaded task will be added as a new task.

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