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A statisticsSerial transformation will compute the configured statistic function. The outputVariable has to be a timeSeries with a defined aggregation period. For each timestep in the output series the input values within the corresponding aggregation period  are used to get a result  value for that output time. The aggregation period has to be defined in the output timeseriesset.


The available statistic functions are:

  • count
  • countFlags
  • kurtosis
  • max
  • mean (acts as movingaverage transformation)
  • geometric mean  (2019.01)
  • median
  • min
  • percentileExceedence
  • percentileNonExceedence
  • quartile
  • rootMeanSquareError
  • rsquared
  • skewness
  • standardDeviation
  • sum
  • variance
Configuration Example

Input variable definition:

Transformation definition:

Output example

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