The ISIS adapter for FEWS will be driven by an INI file created by ISIS. The purpose of the file is to identify the locations and unit types of the inputs, outputs and controls of the ISIS model in a form that the adapter can read without knowledge of the ISIS DAT file format.

The file format was originally developed with the following in mind:

  • To minimise coding and maximise the sharing of code between the adapter and FloodWorks, the parameters are the same as those in the equivalent FloodWorks parameter file.
  • The generic approach means there are several elements that will always take the same value in the ISIS adapter but which would have different values in, say, a PDM adapter.

The latest documentation of the adapter is maintained by CH2M HILL and can be found here.


An example of the ISIS ini file can be found here.

Note that this file is generated in by ISIS (file > export to EA FFS) - see ISIS documentation for further details.

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