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  • FEWS Training September 2014
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FEWS Training at BMKG Jakarta, 15-18 September 2014

 This training was held for 4 days, consist of:

  1. User Training on Delft-FEWS (J_FEWS + DEWS) for 1 day, 15 September 2014
  2. Basic Configuration Course Training (study case on Jakarta) for 3 days, 16-18 September 2014

 'User Training' is meant for anyone who will be using J-FEWS or DEWS as a 'user' and at the end of this user training will know the basics of the Delft-FEWS software, how to start it up, how to login as an 'operator', where to find the data in the system etc. The 'Basic Configuration Course Training" is for anyone who will actually be going to make changes to the system, add new / change existing data feeds, change displays, add new models etc. The materials during this 4 days training are consists of:

1.       User Training

  • Install and Run Delft-FEWS
  • Explanation about menu function on Delft-FEWS
  • Find the location, showing, adding, editing, and saving  data, etc.

2.       Basic Configuration Course Training

  • Introduction  to XML and XML spy
  • Adding map layer and locations
  • Parameters properties
  • Import time series (exercise material)
  • Add validation rules for imported data
  • Adding threshold for imported data
  • Fill gaps in imported timeseries
  • Add rating curves
  • Add catchment averaging rules
  • Importing TRMM grid

Impression of the training

(for download the photo you can click on the image)

The training was evaluated by the participants (13 respondents). All of the participants found the training interesting and useful ('ilmu baru') and in general found the training material sufficient although some remarks were made that the training material should be extended with more illustrations, more (advanced) examples and the errors found in the material should be corrected. The duration of this basic configuration course training should be longer than 3 days as participants indicated they need more time to understand all of the material. Some remarks were made that there were not enough trainers (4) for the amount of participants (from 32 on the first day to 21 on the last day).

Flood and Drought workshop at Semarang, 4-5 September 2014

This workshop explained the results of research on floods and droughts from PusAir. Day 1 presentation from Wanny Adidarma and Waluyo Hatmoko about hoe measure drought index and knowing the trigger  from meteorology and hydrology aspect. Day 2 presentation given by Heruyoko that explain about developing flood risk map. Attendance came from  PU (Dinas and Balai), BIG, BNPB, UNPAR, UNDIP, and Deltares.


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