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  • SOBEK Training - October 2014
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SOBEK Training


As part of the Joint Cooperation Program (JCP), knowledge on software will be shared. As part of the mutual agreement between Deltares and PusAir, training will be organized for the packages, SOBEK, FEWS, iMOD, Delft-3D, W-FLOW, and RIBASIM. In these trainings, Deltares will provide software, training material and trainers for the software packages. Access to training material, software and support will be made as easy as possible (preferably online). PusAir, and other partners of the JCP, host and facilitate the trainings itself.

The objective is to make PusAir an independent user of Deltares software. For that purpose, Deltares encourages training-for-trainers. We encourage staff to participate as assistant trainer (in class) and ultimately become (co-)trainer (in front of the class).


From this SOBEK Training participant will get a good understanding on:

  1. User training: learning the basics, relevant for all subsequent modules (hydrodynamics, rainfall-runoff, water quality and morphology)
  2. Hydrodynamics: to understand and apply hydrodynamics in Sobek
  3. Rainfall-Runoff: to understand hydrology and apply in Sobek

Participant Target


20 Participants from PU-partners (ADB) will join the training; limiting the amount of participants which can join this training:

  • User training (Monday and Tuesday): 20 participants from PusAir
  • Hydraulics (Wednesday): 10 participants from PusAir (User training required as pre-knowledge)
  • Hydrology (Thursday: 10 participants from PusAir (User training required as pre-knowledge)

To participate in the hydraulics and/or hydrology training, attendance of to the user-training (Monday-Tuesday) is required. To attend the hydrology training no knowledge about the hydraulic training is required and vise-versa.
Note: attendance to hydrology and/or hydraulic training without some background in hydrology and hydraulics is not advised.

Trainee Requirement:

  • Staff working on design of rivers and or urban systems
  • Staff analysing flood hazard
  • Staff working in an operational context (hydrological forecasting)
  • Every participant should bring their laptop


  1. Daniel Tollenaar (Deltares)
  2. Segel Ginting (PusAir)



Monday October 6th (10:00-15:00)

All day:   User training
Tuesday October 7th (08:00-12:00)Morning: User training
Tuesday October 7th (13:00-15:00)Afternoon:Using Sobek RR-1D2D in problem analysis
Wednesday October 8th (08:00-15:00)All day:   Hydrodynamics (specialist module!)
Thursday October 9th (08:00-15:00)All day:   Hydrology (specialist module!)

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