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Weather and Climate

PusAir, with BMKG, has a responsibility to support river basin and water management organizations throughout Indonesia through (i) provision of data, (ii) capacity building, and (iii) strategic analyses for policy support. For this, PusAir needs to develop and disseminate information that is accurate, up to date, comprehensive and available for all major river basins and lowland areas in Indonesia. At present, data that meet these criteria are not available for most areas and to most professionals. The use of global datasets may help to resolve part of this lack of data. However while the number and accuracy of very useful global datasets has increased dramatically in recent years, such data are still hardly used in Indonesia. The objective of Component C2 is to build capacity and tools to provide support to PusAir to effectively collect and use global datasets in their above mentioned tasks. Data will be collected for those river basins and lowland areas in Indonesia that are currently of special interest to PusAir and/or where urgent issues require technical support and policy advice in the near future.

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