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Spatial Analysis
Fisheries Analysis

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2a. Ecosystem Components
2b. Pressures and Impacts

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The OCEAN framework is comprised of a suite of tools that includes GIS databases, analyses, and decision support systems for spatial analysis and interpretation of ecological and socioeconomic data.
It allows scientists, managers, and communities to take an integrated and systematic look at ecosystems, fishery policy, and marine conservation.
It is a multi-tiered system that can incorporate non-spatial data into a spatially specific GIS, perform overlays or spatial queries, perform statistical analyses, provide summary statistics resulting from real or hypothetical area-based management scenarios or optimization analyses (such as cumulative weighting or simulated annealing) and estimate economic impacts based on both regional economic impact models and qualitative information derived, for example, from fishermen's local knowledge interviews.

The OCEAN framework itself is not available for distribution; rather, it is used for
applications done through project-specific partnerships with EcoTrust, for which a consulting fee is required.


Not available

Data Quality Required

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Not available

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Not available


Not available

Spatial and Temporal Scales

Not available

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Yes: consulting fee required


The OCEAN framework itself is not available for distribution

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