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PANDA (Protected Areas Network Design Application for ArcGIS )

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Spatial Planning:

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1a. Temporal and Spatial Boundaries for SMA Assessment
2b. Pressures and Impacts

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A stand-alone application developed using Visual Basic and ArcObjects. It was developed to provide a user friendly framework for systematic protected areas network design to ArcGIS users
Through the use of P.A.N.D.A. one can explore different hypothetical configurations of a system of protected areas in the planning area.
The user can edit a scenario by interactively modifying the status of the planning units among 4 managed categories (Included, Protected, Available, Excluded). He or she can then explore the target table to see the resulting changes in conservation achievements of the new scenario and the associated costs.


Not available

Data Quality Required

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Not available

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Not available


Not available

Spatial and Temporal Scales

Not available

Licence Cost Issues

Yes: The author of PANDA, Francesca Riolo retains exclusive title and ownership of the copy of the PANDA executables and source code licensed under this Agreement and grants educational and research institutions and non-profit organizations a nonexclusive, nontransferable permission to use the application for non-commercial purposes. For commercial purposes or use of the application by private agencies (including third parties hired by the above royalty-free institutions) a new agreement needs to be formulated with the author. All other rights not specifically granted in this Agreement are reserved to the Author.


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