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Protected Area Tools (PAT) v. 2.0 (previously Protected Area Gap Decision Support System, DSS)

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Spatial Analysis
Spatial Planning:

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1a. Temporal and Spatial Boundaries for SMA Assessment
2a. Ecosystem Components
2b. Pressures and Impacts

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The majority of the work that goes into a protected area gap assessment involves the spatial delineation and critical evaluation of habitats/species, protected areas, and risks to focal habitats.
The Protected Area Tools are ready to be used only after users have obtained the highest quality data available, conducted an ecological inventory and assessment of these data layers through expert review, and carefully considered all model scenario settings.
PAT consists of three conservation modules which operate within Environmental Systems Research Institutes (ESRI) ArcGIS 9.2 Geographic Information System (GIS) software:
-Environmental Risk Surface (ERS)
-Relative Biodiversity Index (RBI)
-Marxan Tools


PAT operates on three basic input data layers including a) habitats/species; b) risks elements to habitats/species; and c) protected areas. PAT will process feature classes from geodatabases and shapefiles.

Data Quality Required


Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Software required: ArcGIS 9.3, Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0, .Net support for ArcGIS 9.3


Spatial and Temporal Scales

Not available

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