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2b. Pressures and Impacts
4. Risk Analysis and State Assessment

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SimLab provides a free development framework for Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis.
SimLab is a professional tool for model developers, scientists and professionals, to learn, use and exploit uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques. The SimLab license encourages free non-commercial use.
SimLab provides a reference implementation of the various available uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques. SimLab is an on going project where new improvements progress on a regular basis since 1985.


Not available

Data Quality Required

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Not available

Expertise Required

Extensive Computer/GIS Programming Skills

SimLab 3 is currently binary distributed together with an Install Shield on Microsoft Windows 32-bit. SimLab 3.2 supports a set of coding environments such as C, C++, Matlab and Fortran.


Not available

Spatial and Temporal Scales


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