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Sustainability indicator tool

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Decision support
Other: Analysis

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2b. Pressures and Impacts
3. Indicators
5. Assessment of Findings against Operational Objectives
6. Evaluation of Management Effectiveness
7. Adaptation to Current Management

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The Wadden Sea Region "Sustainability indicator tool" measures the status of sustainable development, as well as progress in achieving identified sustainability objectives. The tool is based on a three-level system of (sub)indicators, level three shows the overall results for the three sustainability dimensions ecology, economy and social situation in the Wadden Sea Region. This indicator tool is developed and will be further developed by the Wadden Sea Forum.


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Results can be presented as graph in an excel file.

Spatial and Temporal Scales

The tool is based on a multi-level system with different levels of details. LEVEL 1 shows the overall temperature of sustainable develop- ment in the Wadden Sea Region via summing up the Level 2 measurements for the social, the economic and the ecological dimensions, respectively.
LEVEL 2 measures are based on a scoring system with regard to assessments of the indicator values in level 3. A positive, neutral or negative score is given for each of the 16 main objectives, i.e. whether the status or trend is positive, neutral or negative with respect to the given objective.
LEVEL 3 is two-folded; this level contains the primary data of all sub-indicators (the indicators of level two are an aggregation of sub-indicators of level 3). Furthermore, the data is assessed and attached with values due to the agreed objectives. These values feed in the scoring system of level two.

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