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March 13th we organize the next free OpenEarth sprintsession for a mixture of scientists/engineers (matlab, python and R) and policymakers (google earth).

The special topic of this session will be the mind-blowing vaklodingen dataset. Since 1927 Rijkswaterstaat has compiled bathymetry data of the entire Dutch foreshore up to 20 m depth, as well as the entire Wadden Zee and Zeeuwse Delta. The data are available at an amazing 20m resolution, with updates about every 8 year.

We made this data available via OPeNDAP (web-enabled netCDF) for ready access in Matlab, python and R. We provide tutorials and functions to query this enormous dataset on the fly via the web.

Also all data (23 GB of arc ac files) can be viewed after one mouse-click in flight simulator mode via Google Earth. This dataset
is also part of an easy-to-use dedicated portal for all Dutch coastal data.

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