Prior to the 2016 NCK days icebreaker, organizes a hands-on sprint session on metocean data. In this traditional OpenEarth sprintsession, Gerben de Boer and Kees den Heijer will help you to optimally use and share your metocean data. The whole chain from raw data, conversion to netCDF, querying netCDF, and visualizing will be discussed. The session is supposed to be interactive and participants are encouraged to bring their own data to work on. We will first experiment with some existing (open access) metocean datasets of the Dutch coast. We will then explain Matlab and python tools to convert your own data to netCDF to facilitate your own analysis with analysis tools such as  Delft3D-quickplot, ncBrowse and Panoply.

i)                 ADCP data

ii)                Rijkswaterstaat FerryBox

iii)               Rijkswaterstaat ScanFish

vi)               Rijkswaterstaat CTD

v)                Rijkswaterstaat MWTL Water Quality data

During this sprint session you’ll learn how to work with these free data in Matlab, python and/or R. Bring your own laptop to work with the data, and take home your data products and visualizations.

Time:             March 16th, 16-20h (prior to icebreaker starts that evening).

Location:       Inspiration Center Grevelingen on the Brouwersdam in Zeeland.

Registration: (If you would like to only visit the sprint session, but not the NCK days itself, then register via

More info: Gerben de Boer (, Kees den Heijer ( and Willem Stolte (

Bring your own laptop!


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