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    The matlab toolbox ConvertCoordinates can be used for coordinate transformations between a lot of coordinate systems. There is also a stand-alone version of this program with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is called SuperTrans. The basis of this system is the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset, which contains a lot of coordinate system definitions. The EPSG database is freely available at

    The toolbox can be downloaded below.

    Note: this toolbox requires Matlab.

      File Modified
    ZIP Archive v1.00.3362 22-11-2010 by mol


    To use this toolbox, download and extract the zip-file to a local directory, for example "d:\matlabtools\". Start Matlab and after initializing, enter at the command line:

    >> addpath('d:\matlabtools\convertCoordinates');

    Next, run 'ccsettings' to add all functions of this toolbox:

    >> ccsettings;

    In Matlab, support on using ConvertCoordinates is provided by:

    >> help convertcoordinates

    The same documentation can be found online.


    Tutorials are available within the toolbox (see the sub-directory 'tutorial'). They can also be found here.

    This page facilitates the feedback of the users of ConvertCoordinates.


    Bugs can reported via the issue-management system of OpenEarth. Frequent users are encouraged to join the OpenEarth community. This will give you access to the entire OpenEarth toolbox repository, so that you can benefit directly from updates, code improvements and to commit your own code adjustments.


    At the forum it you can post questions and remarks or start a discussion.

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