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Loading Data

To copy data to the opendap server ( for production or for tests) we use the scp protocol. You can copy the files manually using winscp. You can also do it in a more convenient way:

Using fabric

To be able to use fabric you need to install a few things. Follow the following steps:

  • Install python (, choose 2.6 for now)
  • Install setuptools (
  • Add the following paths to your system path: c:\python26, c:\python26\scripts (control panel -> system -> advanced -> environment variables -> system variables -> PATH)
  • Go to command window (Windows+r -> cmd)
  • Type "easy_install pip"
  • Type "pip install pywin32"
  • Type "pip install fabric" (you need a compiler for this step) if you don't have a compiler please install cygwin or mingw.

You should now be able to type fab in the command window.

The Fabric page describes how to use it.

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