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This page is dedicated to GIS procedures developed/reengineered within Deltares to be able to use GIS procedure within batch for pre- as well as post-processing as part of (hydrological) modelling workflows. One of the ideas is to overcome the disadvantages of (commercial) GIS packages such as ArcGIS, that produce lots of intermediary files and off course to get rid of the licence fees.
The process to switch to non-commercial GIS procedures that lend themselves to work in batch mode will take some time and starts with a short inventory of procedures necessary for the most common tasks.
Let strive to document and upload all code to the repository OET/GIS.

Several members of the OpenEarth community are already using QuantumGIS. One of the more powerfull plugins is the sextante toolbox. A very nice start in scripting within QGIS is given by the Sextante Cookbook blog. By the way, you can install the Sextante plugin from the QGis plugin manager.

Check out the Python GDAL/OGR Cookbook page, with lots of tips and of course the Technotes pages on OpenEarth.

If you like you can start a child page to notify everybody your tips and trics and/or your tools. Below you find a list of child pages already created.