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  • OPeNDAP access with browser
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  1. Go to an OPeNDAP server, e.g. A growing list of external OPeNDAP servers is here. OpenEarth has two implementations of OPeNDAP operational running on exactly the same file server: THREDDS and HYRAX. Because they serve the exact same data, it does not matter which one you choose, we choose THREDDS here, because that one seems to have a wider use.
  2. scroll down the directories: we chose to sort by owner, and then by data name.
  3. Once you hit netCDF files (*.nc),

    click on it
    • after which you can choose for old-fashioned plain download (2. download), not recommended, as the netCDF files might web very big (GBs):
    • or access meta-info through the OPeNDAP protocol (1. opendap). For some datasets we provide Google Earth overviews which takes you directly via a deep-link to this meta-info page.

  1. This in the 'DataURL' box can copied into in OPeNDAP-enabled netCDF clients, see []:
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