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  • OPeNDAP subsetting with matlab

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In this example we will show how to benefit from OPeNDAP subsetting. We will request subsets from worldwide digital elevevation maps (DEMs) that are too big to request as a whole: resulting in approx. 500 MB (over 10,000 x 20,000 points) or 2 GB (over 20,000 x 40,000) for respectively a 1 minute or 30 second grids.

Add snctools, shipped with OpenEarthTools


Worl digital elevation maps: Define data on an opendap server. These are 6 free datasets, which we will compare for the Southern North Sea. Please compare them to non-open datasets such as GEBCO. For details on the processing of the 6 DEM's, please refer to the meta-data in the THREDDS OPeNDPA server provided by USGS/WHOI.

url_grid{1} = '';
url_grid{2} = '';
url_grid{3} = '';
url_grid{4} = '';
url_grid{5} = '';
url_grid{6} = '';

url_line    = '';

World vector shoreline: Get line data: 1D vectors are small, so we can get all data

L.lon    = ncread(url_line,'lon');    = ncread(url_line,'lat');

Define bounding box

boundingbox.lon = [ 0 10]; = [50 55];

for i=1:length(url_grid)

   ncfile = url_grid{i}
  • Get full lat,lon vectors: 1D vectors are small, so we can get all data

       G.lon    = ncread(ncfile,'lon' ); % 1D    = ncread(ncfile,'lat' ); % 1D
  • Find the subset-indices within the bounding box

    ilon     = find(G.lon > boundingbox.lon(1) & G.lon < boundingbox.lon(2));
    ilat     = find( > & <;
  • ranslate subset-indices to netCDF argument: [start,count,stride]

    stride   = [1 1]; % additionally specify a stride when the subset is still too big
    start    = [min(ilon) min(ilat)]; % netCDF is 0-based, whereas matlab is 1-based
    count    = ceil([length(ilon) length(ilat)]./stride); % use ceil to cover at least bounding box area
  • Request data subset    = ncread(ncfile,'lat' ,start(2),count(2),stride(2)); % 1D
    G.lon    = ncread(ncfile,'lon' ,start(1),count(1),stride(1)); % 1D
    G.topo   = ncread(ncfile,'topo',start(:),count(:),stride(:)); % 2D
    G.title  = ncreadatt(ncfile,'/','title')
  • Plot data subset

       hold on
       axislat % sets aspect ratio
       grid on
       clim ([-50 150])
       colorbarwithvtext('z [m]')

Download the code of this Matlab example (repos,manual download). We also have a script that rewrites the GEBCO 1D vector matrix to a proper 2D lat,lon matrix with the same lay-out as the above OPeNDAP sets. (repos,manual download).