The OpenEarth DataLab is an implementation of the OpenEarth data management approach and provides a platform for a (closed) community to organise, share, visualise and use (geo) data in a generic way as a solid knowledge base. This allows to focus on key questions (e.g. modelling, monitoring, evaluation, research) rather than restructuring and gathering data over and over again. The OpenEarth DataLab is an integrated web-based system that facilitates reproducible and transparent workflows as envisaged in the OpenEarth data approach.

The OpenEarth DataLab development is a cooperation between Deltares and 3TU.Datacentrum.



Workflow stepDataLab componentRemarkDocumentation
Raw dataSubversionBasically any file format is acceptedSVN, Raw data repository structuring
Processing scriptsScripts to convert raw data to data products, including metadatanetCDF kickstarter
Processing of dataProcessing environmentsPython 2.7 and Matlab 2013b are currently supported 
Publishing data productsThredds (netCDF) and postgreSQL (database)For netCDF, CF conventions are followed 
Searching dataGeonetwork  
Visualizing dataKML server (Google Earth)