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Style guides


The Matlab style guide is used for formatting matlab code.
You can use M-Lint provided with Matlab to check your source code for common errors.
If you use the oetnewfun to create a new function it already creates a documentation section. There is also a testing framework setup in the repository which allows for unittesting. oetnewtest creates an empty test with a documentation section. Tests created according to this format can be run individually (as a function) or with an automated test object (planned to include this in the buildserver for example). Tutorials on how to use the test framework can be found under the matlab tutorials section.


The PEP-8 is used as the style guide for python code.
You can use pychecker to check for common errors and to have your source graded. Please make sure you get a grade of 7 or higher.
For unit testing you can use pyunit.

Data standards

For data we use the Data Protocol.

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