This is a temporary VECTORS page. The page is created for the purpose of the 2nd anual workshop in Portorož, Slovenia 19-23 march 2012.

Open Earth sprint session


During the open earth sprint session several applications will be used and there are locations that will be referred to. In order to give every participant the opportunity to install necessary software all addresses are collected in a document.

The session is prepared with open source software which is listed below.

Available data

Below there are some examples shown of data available for the sprint session. The can be found on Deltares resources listed below.

- Online ICES database with over 400000 unique locations over a large part of Atlantic ocean. Below an example of the ICES observations (at least the locations for which observations are available in part of the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea.

- Output of the ECOHAM model of UHAM (with special thanks to Johannes Pätsch, UHAM). The output is build of 31 timestaps of chlorophyll content for the North Sea area and can be found on an OPeNDAP server of Deltares

URL’s to data sources

Below you find some URL’s to the data sources used.

Usefull documents
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