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For people that would like to develop on the OpenEarth Viewer or use the application within their own projects, a Matlab-through-python version is added under (this version is currently used as a testing environment). The following software is required to be able to run this application locally:

  • Matlab – license required (tested for 2009a/b and 2010a/b)
  • pythonxy – freeware
  • pylons – freeware
  • mlabwrap – freeware

For more information/help on the installation procedures, please have a look at the links below. To be independent of licenses, it is also possible to develop an application that is solely python based. Currently, such an example is not provided in the repositories (yet).

Making your web application in Python

1. Install pythonxy
2. Install pylons

Making your web application in Python with option to call Matlab functions (through Python)

1. Install pythonxy
2. Install pylons
3. Install mlabwrapper

Making your web application in javascript with option to call compiled Matlab functions (through SOAP client)

1. Install Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) Installer
2. Install .NET FRAMEWORK 4
3. Install WebDeploy 2.0
4. Buy .NET Matlab compiler

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